14 Top and Creative Jobs in Canada for 2019

Jobs in Canada for Indians

Canada immigration is leading to an employment market where there are many offers and job opportunities for creative professionals. The trend is of increase in Salaries in countless areas of the country. There is a good demand for creative candidates who have the right qualifications. We present a list of a few top paying creative jobs, based on a 2019 Salary Guide.

1. Chief Marketing Officer

These creative professionals supervise and develop the marketing vision and operations, brand strategy, digital strategy, product development, advertisements, promotions, and also the partnerships of a firm. CMOs deal with present market trends, give a direction to marketing research and finally manage its marketing team. They are knowledgeable, analytical and creative leaders, in numerous disciplines, that is at the heart of the Canada Immigration. CMOs need to have a rich experience in a marketing role, and also possess a college degree either in business and marketing, or in the communications field. The median national salary they get is $164,000.

2. User Experience Director

They are crucial and supervise user experience besides conducting design and evaluation studies with a focus on user experience. They aim to improve software products and applications and maintain customer satisfaction through positive user experience. They have a midpoint salary of $128,500.

User Experience Directors also develop design specifications and work for creating many consistent concepts. Training a team of designers that plays a big role in Canada immigration is essential for them.

3. Creative Director

Top skilled professionals in Canada like the Creative directors are important for all organizations. They are entrusted to make sure that all creative projects are of the top quality. They have to also manage the creative process. They direct the creative staff to produce advertising and marketing guarantee and lead towards high visual communication standards in the media. They need to have a rich experience and the ability of creating creative objectives for marketing goals.

Creative directors can expect a midpoint salary of $111,000 must cooperate with different project teams, meet clients and managerial authorities for explaining strategies and solutions.

4. Marketing Director

Marketing Directors have a great demand in Canada immigration. They have the task of targeting customers and for running effective marketing campaigns. They get a mean salary of $108,000 and direct market messaging activities, besides supervising a marketing team, for developing strategies promotional communications.

Marketing directors also have to prepare marketing plans, its budget and the pricing policy. Communication skills, creative knowledge and marketing design are important for them.

5. Media Director

Media directors design and implement advertising campaigns and media plans for the promotion of a business, and also determine the ideal media outlet. They monitor online/offline advertisement campaigns, develop client relationships besides negotiating projects. Another vital duty is to ensure meeting the client’s budget. All these activities make them Top skilled professionals in Canada. Media directors have a bachelor’s degree and rich experience in the relevant field. They possess strong communication skills, lead team members and establish a good client’s relationship. Their median salary is $100,250.

6. Advertising Account Director

The qualities demanded in a triumphant advertising account director are creativity, Problem-solving, and business sense. These qualities are also a must in Canada immigration for earning a median salary of $100,000. They deal with multiple accounts in an advertising agency and ensure that the creative work meets the needs of the client. The accounts under their management must be profitable and also attract new business. This profession needs a bachelor’s degree and rich work experience in advertisement.

7. PR Director

The PR Directors are among the Top skilled professionals in Canada. They develop public relations and manage corporate communications. Also they evolve in general a vibrant Public Relations Strategy, manage the PR budget and also supervise the PR team for implementing all their initiatives. They have excellent communication skills and establish relationships with media professionals also. Arranging interviews, internal and external publications, press releases and promotional campaigns are their forte. They manage demanding and sensitive problems that impact the reputation of a company.

PR directors play a major role in the positive impression in Canada immigration and must have a communications or journalism degree besides a rich experience in public relations. Their median salary is $95,000.

8. User Experience Designer

There is not much difference between design and technology today and the demand for UX designers is increasing in a big way. They have a smooth path in the Canada immigration and also earn a median salary of $93,500. The professionals help in determining the architecture and wireframes for users to navigate a product or also a website. They have the task of addressing users’ emotional or functional needs, and create an ideal user experience.

It is a creative job requiring skills in the technical domain and in problem-solving. The holder is Responsible for design process, research, ideation and finally the concept development. They also deal with prototyping and evaluation, collaborate with business fraternity, customer service, design and technology teams, and have understanding of designing principles and wire framing tools (Balsamiq , Axure RP, InVision and Sketch).

9. Marketing Analytics Manager

Managers in Marketing analytics are top skilled professionals in Canada effectively analyze and report data to the firms. They define a company’s metrics and data sources for implementing analytics solutions. They also need experience in data reporting and analysis, customer relationship management software and a solid background in market research. They must have a degree in computer science or statistics. Finally their midpoint salary is $93,250.

10. Interactive Art Director

This job is one of the Top skilled professions in Canada and includes design and execution, requiring the experts for the roles. Besides delivering digital solutions for business or brand of a company they earn a median salary of $92,000. They have an understanding of online design, concept development, storyboarding, and copywriting, SEO and information architecture and also the ability of working on platform with a range of presentation devices. They know Action Script, Adobe Create Suite and also a set of coding languages.

11. Brand/Product Manager

These are responsible for an effective brand strategy and marketing programs of products businesses. Besides providing branding direction, they develop/execute programs for brand marketing and make the brand consistent in all the channels. They review market research, anticipate competition trends and keenly observe the industry and consumer attitudes.

Brand managers are important to Canada immigration and have the task of coordinating sales, prices, and product supply and product development for meeting the planned objectives. They must have writing skills; know the relationship management and possess storytelling abilities. A degree in communications or marketing is compulsory for drawing a salary of $90,000.

12. Art Director

These professionals are very important in Canada immigration and are also leaders of the artistic development of marketing. They deal with promotions on print, online, mobile, corporate publications, and take care of television and radio advertisements. Their team comprises of photographers, graphic designers, illustrators and production artists. Cooperation and collaboration with copywriters, as well as marketing and advertising teams is necessary for developing advertising campaigns.

They draw a midpoint salary of $85,750. They must possess rich work expertise and experience in creative tools such as Adobe Creative Suite.

13. User Experience Researcher

A UX researcher is a creative professional. He/she understands the motivations of people for buying the products and the usage which is of great value for market research. They design, conduct and analyze user design research and also do the usability testing. The researchers have outstanding communication and analytical skills for interpreting data. They must know Skype, Excel, QuickTime, User Testing and Look back, and have the trendy information of using software for statistical research, like SPSS or SAS. They draw a salary of $85,000. They carry an important value in Canada immigration.

14. Mobile/Responsive Designer

Mobile designers are entrusted with creating interactive experiences on mobile devices that are popular today. They have a top demand and a good salary ($84,000). They have Cooperation and collaboration with user experience teams and other functional teams for creating an effective and engaging content. They also have to know responsive design, User experience, programming, graphical and functional aspects of web designing and mobile designing and work across platforms. Employers give a preference to candidates that have a design-relevant degree in design and graphics. These are creative and high paying jobs listed in the 2019 Salary Guide.

If you have the understanding and the drive for these you can easily go for obtaining them and participate in Canada immigration in a big way.

Canada Jobs will help you to explore all your opportunities in Canada and to make 2019 as the year for Canada Immigration!

There are many options and the process is confusing and vast. We assist you to become Canadian citizens and you can contact us for any information.


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