29 Reasons to Live and Work in Canada

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Canada is an attractive destination offering much information in exploring and learning. Canada attracts around 250,000 fresh immigrants every year. Finding jobs is easy in Canada and it also has an ambitious immigrant program. Additionally these immigrants can become citizens of Canada which is difficult in other countries.

The positive feature about lifestyle in Canada is that it is very affordable for the people of developing countries. Canada also offers several employment opportunities and an individual can grow here.

You will Love working in Canada and here are the Reasons:

  1. Employment insurance:

Their employment insurance offers facilities to find a job, family benefits, and benefits for persons incapable to work owing to sickness, benefits to several self employed persons and finally benefits concerning health, security and education of new born.

  1. Regular benefit:

It is meant for persons who lose a job without a mistake on their part and also for people who are capable to work but do not get a job.

  1. Family benefits:

Canada also offers several benefits to pregnant persons or those who gave birth recently or adopt a child. There is also provision for caring for the newborn.

  1. Compassionate Care:

Persons who are eligible, and in case of having a family member, suffering from grave illness, or risk of death, can take the benefit, of Compassionate Care. One also gets assistance if he/she has to be away on work to provide support to such members.

  1. Parents of critically sick children:

Upon earning the eligibility Parents of seriously ill children can get the benefits in case their child is seriously injured or is ill.

  1. Benefits for pregnant women:

The aim of these benefits is to maintain healthy pregnancy. There is advice for pregnant women, ensuring good health and suggestions for nutrition. Canada runs a Prenatal Nutrition Program, for expecting women who face challenging circumstances. The program offers nutrition guidance, guidance on food and its preparatory training, vitamin supplementation, education regarding breastfeeding and maternal counselling. After the birth of the baby the Government offers a series of services to welcome the newborn.

  1. Parental and maternity leaves:

There is a provision to avail sufficient leaves If a woman is expecting a child or has recently given birth, or is caring for an infant or finally has adopted a child.

  1. Childcare benefits:

Children having a registered birth certificate have these advantages for their child

  • Opening a savings account for further education of the child
  • Monthly payment for assistance (Tax free) with the cost to raise the children below 18 years,
  • Children healthcare benefits
  • Children disability benefits
  • Finally, there are Security benefits
  1. Housing:

There are hotels and hostel in Canada available for temporary residence and immigrants can also buy a home in Canada.

  1. Immigrant services:

Immigrant services are available in various areas to extend any help regarding learning a language, or filling out forms or also to get a place to live.

  1. High tech Canada:

Canada is advancing rapidly, has many innovations, and also a high rank in adopting modern technology.  It is also a boon for IT professionals and computer scientists. Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, aerospace and engineering industries, flourish here. Canada is a G7 Economy, with a sophisticated market and one of the best developed education system in the world.

  1. Banking and Hotel Industry:

There are flourishing and stable banks that earn sizeable profits for the country. Besides there are Hotels constantly in need of employees.

  1. Unemployment rate:

The rate of Unemployment of Canada is 5.4 % which is very impressive. There are many services that benefit an unemployed person here.

  1. Lack of skilled workers:

There is an acute shortage of skilled and professional workers in Canada. It has adopted a welcoming policy for qualified and specialised immigrants.

  1. Training:

Canada offers several avenues for professional Training, paid educational leave, apprenticeship training, tuition compensation, and a learning plan also.

  1. Seasons and climate:

Canada has a good climate and a positive working atmosphere. This helps to enhance the productivity of an individual.

  1. Reasonable Healthcare:

Canada is well known for offering an affordable healthcare to all its employees. Routine visits and medication are free here.

  1. Low Cost of living:

In comparison to other countries the cost of living in Canada is affordable. Housing, food and dining out are cheap, and so are petrol, power, gas and cars.

  1. Diversity:

Owing to the several advantages offered by Canada, people from all corners of the world are immigrating to the country. There is a steady increase of diversity in Canada, and many corporations take measures to promote diversity in the Canadian population.

  1. Individualism:

The work culture in Canada promotes a sense of individualism, self-sufficiency where a person can take an individual decision. Rules and order are followed here. 

  1. Formalities:

Work in Canada, happens in a very informal way and the work relationship is professional. There is equal opportunity also. There is honesty and one can say all the matters truthfully.

  1. Working time:

There is a strong division among the Work life and personal life. Canada has 8 hours of work per day corresponding to 40 hours in a week. All excess hours spent on work are paid extra.

  1. Retirement benefits:

There are social pensions, personal savings as well as pensions sponsored by employers. There is no compulsory retirement age. Canada also offers social security advantages enhanced late retirement benefits and high early retirement regulations.

  1. Statutory holidays:

The holidays are selected by the Government for the special events and occasions. There are many statutory holidays.

Employees get a single paid leave. The Employees working on such days also get a bonus pay for the extra time of work.

  1. Vacations:

Employees have the benefit of two weeks of annual vacations that are sanctioned with pay after completing each employment year. In some authorities, employees get an additional week of vacations after completing a specific tenure of service.

  1. Wellness programs:

Many workplace wellness programs exist. There is health peril assessment, fitness discounts on membership as well as caregiver facilitation. This diminishes absenteeism. There is an assessment of mental health of workers that is proving beneficial and effective. There is an environment for giving a high standard of work followed by health care for motivated workers.

  1. Low tax in business:

There is a low cost of managing business as well as low rates for land, Electricity, and construction. Even the corporate taxes are manageable.

  1. Incentives for entrepreneurs:

The federal and provincial governments in Canada have many resources for helping potential entrepreneurs who aim to start a business in the country.

  1. Benefits in Work-permits:

Having a valid work permit, allows the spouse also to work. The children can avail the free study in the pre higher secondary school. People can also apply for permanent residency in Canada.

Canada is a top ranking country in the world. The Human Development Index puts the country on the 6th place for its pro active well being and high standard of life policies. The education system is excellent the streets are safe; and there is long life expectation. Moreover the nation is liberated and multicultural. Finally the immigration system is robust welcoming and advantageous for the newcomers. The last word is that it is a lovely place to work.

There are many options and the process is confusing and vast. We assist you to become Canadian citizens and you can contact us for any information.


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