Canada Jobs – Prince Albert City Adds 2000 Jobs In One Year

Jobs in Canada for Indians

Statistics Canada reveals that Prince Albert has improved Canada Job performance based on the yearly trends. In The July job data there is an increase of five percentage points in the labour participation rate of the city.

Canada Jobs Impressive Performance

Also there was an addition of 2,000 jobs. While 19,800 persons were employed in July 2018, 21,800 are working as per the July 2018 figures. Additionally, among the unemployed, there was a decline of 200 people. 1,900 people entered the labor force, as working or actively on the lookout for work, in comparison to 2018.

The changes were of help in boosting the participation rate, to 70.5 percent from 65.5 percent. There was a decline in the unemployment rate to 9.5 percent from 11.2 percent. Moreover, the employment rate increased by six points. There was an improved data for Saskatchewan also and there was an addition of 11,300 jobs in the year.

Canada Jobs Achieve A Record

The participation rate in the province, increased by 0.2 percent and there was a decline in the unemployment rate by 1.1 percent. Moreover, there were 1,600 full-time jobs and 9,700 part-time jobs. The province had a record high in the work-age population standing at 889,600. The strength of the labour force was 621,700.

Aboriginal employment increased by 1,600 jobs, (3.4 percent), for the year. The economy in Saskatchewan is strong and resilient.

The trend of consistent job growth makes Saskatchewan the finest place to live, and work and is also an ideal place to raise the family. Data released this week states that the vacancy rate in private sector Jobs in Canada were a record high of 3.2 percent consequently for the four quarters. In Saskatchewan, this vacancy rate had a decrease of 7,400 unfilled jobs (2.1 percent).

Promising Provinces

Finally, the rates in Job vacancy were higher in five provinces and were stable in five provinces during the last quarter.

British Columbia, Quebec, and Ontario were major drivers of the trend. There was a strong pressure for increased wages in the firms which had vacant positions.

An improved rate of job vacancy is a sign of a growth in the economy, but the labour shortages should not become an obstruction in the success of the business.

Tackling Labor Shortages for Better Canada Jobs

CFIB is seeking a commitment from all parties for taking measures to tackle labour shortages. There is a high vacancy rate in personal services industry followed by hospitality, construction, agriculture, enterprise management, and transportation, besides professional and health services. The vacancy rate in the information sector was low.

Nationally, the unemployment rate slightly increased to 5.7 per cent because more people were searching for the work. Employment increase was 3530000, (1.9 percent), and 326,0000 jobs (full-time) were added last year.

Finally the Hours worked had an increase by 0.7 percent.

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