Nigeria Student Express (NSE) is the New Program Launched by Canada to Improve Study Permit Processing from Nigeria

The number of Nigerian international college students learning in Canada is growing yearly, and now Canada is introducing a brand new pilot program supposed to assist expedite the study permit application process.

The Nigeria Student Express (NSE) pilot is for Nigerians who’ve been accepted to a Canadian post-secondary establishment, in accordance with an unconfirmed publication on Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)’s Twitter web page. It says eligible candidates must have been accepted to a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree program, or a post-graduate diploma course.

The post means that Canada is aiming to process study applications within 20 days via the NSE.

“Nigeria Student Express is a pilot initiative at our Visa Office (VO) in Lagos geared toward enhancing processing instances for study permit candidates in Nigeria who’re planning to study at the college level in Canada,” IRCC stated in a tweet, “It was launched for prospective students and their parents at EduCanada festivals in Abuja and Lagos in January 2020.”

The IRCC Twitter web page encourages readers to contact the Visa Office in Lagos for extra info.

IRCC was unable to offer CIC News with extra details on the pilot earlier than the deadline. The spokesperson stated they want extra time to verify info with their mission in Nigeria.

1/2 Hi. Nigeria Student Express is a pilot initiative at our visa office (VO) in Lagos geared toward enhancing processing instances for study permit candidates in Nigeria who’re planning to study at the university stage in Canada.

— IRCC (@CitImmCanada) February 26, 2020

Nigerian immigration to Canada has been booming lately. In 2019, Nigerians were the fourth most represented nationality amongst new permanent residents.

A considerable amount of Nigerians pick Canada as a place of study. Last year the sum of 11,985 study permit holders were from Nigeria, making it the ninth hottest source nation for worldwide college students.


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