Canadian Employment Will Increase in January 2020 by 30,400 Jobs

Jobs in Canada for Indians

Canadian Employment is grown by 30,400 jobs from May to June as per the National Employment Report and broadly given to the general public every month, for free of charge. This clearly indicates that Canada is strongly supporting Immigration and welcoming immigrants with open arms. It also increases the chances of getting Canada PR to more aspirants.

This report, which is obtained from real payroll data, measures the modification in total non-farm payroll employment every month on the basis of seasonally-adjusted.

List of Jobs Added by Industry-wise

Goods Producing: 10,400 jobs in Canada produced in the Construction Industry while there were no jobs in the manufacturing industry, and there is a drop of 500 jobs observed in Natural Mining and Resources.

Service Providing: 7,000 Canadian jobs were produced in the Trade/Transportation and Utilities while there were 3,400 jobs added in the Information Technology, and there is a drop of 2,000 jobs observed in Finance/Real Estate.

4,600 jobs were produced in the Professional/Technical Services while there were 4,600 added jobs in the Administrative and Support, and there is a drop of 500 jobs observed in Management of Companies. 2,500 jobs were produced in the Education & Health Care while there were 3,200 added jobs in the Leisure and Hospitality.

Tremendous Job Growth Observed in June 2019

In the month of June 2019 experienced tremendous acceleration in job growth following a sharp drop in May 2019 told Canada Report. Construction industry achieved the most significant contribution to the growth, along with business or professional services, which reflects the growing need for highly skilled workers.

The May 2019 total number of jobs added was changed down from -16,000 to -36,700. The July 2019 Canadian Employment Report will be published on 15 August 2019.

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