Indian Professionals Giving Preference to Canada Over USA

Jobs in Canada, Jobs in Canada for Indians

Canada is the current U.S. There is a sharp increase in the Indian job-seekers number who are in exploration of work opportunities and also education. Canada’s attractiveness as an immigration target has been growing over the prior two decades, with a sum of 3,03,257 immigrated to Canada in the previous year 2018. These numbers are set to notice a gradual rise in 2019 & 2020.

When approximately 3, 23,190 new comers moved Canada in 2016, a sharp decline was seen as it contracted to 2,72,710 newcomers in 2017. But the experts say, The year 2019 & 2020 would profit Indians, and the newcomers number to Canada will rise due to the reform in policies of Canada immigration. Many Consultants states climate conditions in Canada are not very convenient for Indians, yet Indians prefer Canada because of the simplified entry system possible and the motto is to study at overseas, and the Indians are not moving backward to do anything for attaining a higher-degree from international countries.

Canada Job searches performed from India moved up to 13% from the previous 6% in the time period from Aug 2016 to Jul 2018. In this specific period, job searches for the US from India fell from the previous 60% to 50% at present.

Students Preferring Canada

One of the major attractions of Canada for international students is that it is 30-40 percent cheaper than the United States, even at best colleges and universities. Besides, current US President’s attitude on immigration and problems over racial incidents are taking the shine off from the campuses in the US, which are driving Indians to favor Canada and for students from India with a degree from a Canadian institution, makes it easy to get Canada PR beneath the Canadian Experience Class. Indians have shown a higher tendency to shift to Canada.

Growing technology industry there, and uncertainty of the H-1B visa program, stringent rules from the government of the US, are motivating factors. Canada has restored the path to temporary work visa for qualified and potential skilled workers through the Global Skills Strategy Program and the Global Talent Stream Program, chances like this would bring anyone who desires abroad life.

Canada Jobs will help you to explore all your opportunities in Canada and to make 2019 as the year for Canada Immigration!

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