Working in Canada ensures happiness and Better Job Satisfaction

Canada is a top destination for skilled workers and it welcomes nearly 250,000 fresh immigrants each year. Skilled overseas workers state that they find it easy to integrate successfully in the Canadian society, are happy and better engaged in their new jobs.

There are Studies to show that workplaces in Canada offer great satisfaction and engagement in comparison to other countries in the world. A survey states that two-thirds of workers in Canada stated that they were happy with the work; 25% employees stated that they would work without compensation. 90% of Canadians are happy with their jobs and 81% are greatly inspired. This is a huge difference in comparison to the world average of 65% employees who felt engaged with their workplace. Also there is a link between mental health and social contexts. The Factors of employee satisfaction and rich quality of life contribute to the well being as well as happiness of persons. Canada has earned the 9th rank in the Global Happiness Report. We look at the ways through which Canada promotes a great quality of life and offers work benefits.

Top Reasons for Living and Working in Canada

1. Best Opportunities for Employment

Canada offers a variety of job opportunities. Presently there is a huge gap in the labor market and Federal Programs aim to accommodate skilled overseas immigrants in Canada. Immigration services are available to the needy persons for completing documentation and finding accommodation.

2. Major Employment Benefits

Employment in the country offers diversity of benefits like insurance, which improves the world-class facilities regarding childcare, health, compassionate care, and pregnancy to the employees and the family members. Employees get protection in case of losing a job.

Employment Benefits in Canada

Employment Insurance

It Covers job search, benefits persons in case of illness, and offers family benefits, to self-employed workers, dependents, apart from education and security.

Family Benefits

Benefits those who are pregnant, or recently gave birth, or adopted a child, for caring of the newborn.

Compassionate Care

Covers all family members who suffer from a serious illness or are at the risk of death.

Parents of critically sick children

Applies to parents of an ill or critically injured child

Pregnant Women

Advice and help in good health and nutrition, prenatal vitamin supplementation, education on breastfeeding and finally counseling in maternal lifestyle.

Parental and Maternity Leave

Leave is provided to pregnant persons, or those that have given birth recently, or adopted a child, for caring of the newborn.

Child Care Benefits

open a savings account for tertiary education of a child or Tax-free monthly payment for the cost of raising dependent below the age of 18 years besides Healthcare and Disability benefits and Security benefits

3. Sophisticated Technology

Canada has a high rank and has seen rapid advances in technology. It is an ideal country for IT professionals and computer scientists. Other thriving industries are pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, aerospace and engineering, which are significant and innovative.

The cause of this positive development is the high level of secondary and tertiary education in Canada.

4. Rich Work Environment

The Work culture in the country encourages personal independence and promotes uniqueness. There is Equal opportunity no emphasis on status and formality, and also freedom of expression at all levels. There are Wellness programs that offer health benefits, peril assessments, and fitness membership. There are statutory holidays with paid leave and bonus pay.

5. Overall Benefits

Business owners enjoy the perquisites of managing a business at low costs. There is affordable electricity, and availability of land and cheap construction rates. Corporate tax is reasonable. The Federal/Provincial governments provided resources to support the interested in the start-up business. There is a Self Employed Program and also a Start-Up Visa Program, specifically targeting newcomers intending to start a business and make a contribution to the economy.

6. Benefits in Work Permit

The benefits of all work permit holders are extendable to the spouse also. They can find employment in Canada and the children can study at a public secondary institution at no extra cost until they have graduated from a high school.

7. A Pleasant Weather

Canada has 4 seasons and there are variations depending on the province/territory of residence. The average temperatures are 25°C in summers and -5°C and -15°C in winters.

8. Low Cost of Living

The living Cost varies there are variations depending on the province/territory of residence. Quebec, New Brunswick, Montreal and Ontario are affordable.

9. Better Quality of Life

The average life expectancy is 80 years for men and 84 years for women among the Canadian citizens. This is owing to the safety, healthcare and low pollution. There is a steady decrease in Crime. The World Health Organization ranks Canada as a country with high air quality.

10. Great Diversity

Canada is a culturally diverse land where the citizens speak 140 languages. It is accommodating to immigrants, and is dedicated to eradicate discrimination at all levels. Genders are legally equal under the Canadian Constitution; all laws for military service are gender-neutral.

Apply for a work permit and today the best option is the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Federal Skilled Worker Program and methods to Apply

The Federal Skilled Worker Program permits qualified and skilled foreign persons, possessing the essential experience, for applying and seeking permanent residency. It is under the System of Express Entry, designed to streamline and expedite the immigration process. There are requirements to meet for qualifying like having a big Comprehensive Ranking Score. It is based on the data submitted in the online EE Profile, regarding education, age, and work experience. Applicants and other candidates enter a draw-pool and get a rank. The top scoring candidates receive the Invitation to Apply and move towards permanent residency.

There are more job opportunities for newcomers and moreover the job satisfaction is greater making Canada an ideal destination for job seekers.


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